Monday, September 17, 2007

Infinite Ass Tattoo

Undoubtedly an M.C. Escher tribute or at least an inspiration


Eamon said...

This is a Beevis and Butthead joke, from Season 1, the episode about the escaped killer from a prison.

They are one-upping each other on tattoo ideas, and one says he'll get a tattoo on his butt. The other says he'll get a butt-shaped tattoo--on his butt. Then the other says he'll get a butt-shaped tattoo with a butt-shaped tattoo on it, and he'll get it on his butt.

Butt tattoos kick ass.
Ass tattoos kick butt.

rollinger said...

it called Droste Effect

Anonymous said...

Recursion Rules!

heidi said...

damn i love beavis and butthead. "Im gonna get a butt shaped tattoo, with a butt shaped tattoo on its butt."

Anonymous said...

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