Saturday, May 17, 2008

Let's Have A Quiz 5

My guess, grass-demon antlers protecting an egg.


Grindfather said...

Dragons flying around a horribly deformed earth, maybe?

cochy115 said...

I see an egg and I do see a demon. I think you're right.

Anonymous said...

I see a bird on the right, and a rabbit face on the left?

It could be anything though..

whatever it is I quite like it. Completely open to interpretation!

I might get one myself.

might loose the egg though. haha.

fluffernutter said...

A rabbit with lettuce-leaf ears and pea-shoot tendril legs carrying a plum. It's an homage to California Fresh cuisine.

Logic Johnson said...

whatever the hell it is, you can't say it looks bad though. Kind of trippy, in a non-essential, amorphous, abstract kind of way.

Anonymous said...

It almost, just barely, looks like the assassin's guilt logo from Assassin's Creed. Otherwise, I truly have no idea.